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Artist Profiles

Matthew L Fisher

Matthew L. Fisher is an award winning composer for films, games and television. He also produces his own full length solo piano and instrumental albums, which have gained worldwide recognition. He has been involved in a wide variety of different projects ranging from epic intense scores to soft and subdued music.

David James Fritch

The earliest memories David has with music is enthusiastically singing and dancing along with Michael Jackson’s music videos. Since the 5th grade, he was inspired by his music teachers to audition for his school choirs which became a foundation for his passion for music.

When he was a junior in high school, David was cast as Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in his first play ever. He strove to emulate the emotions of Donny Osmond’s stirring performance as Joseph both on stage and film.

Wanting to refine his vocal abilities, David sought the expertise of Dean Kaelin, a world-renown vocal coach of artists like David Archuletta. Under his guidance and inspired by artists like Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli, David developed and shaped his own warm, rich, beautiful tone.

After a 2-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to the wonderful people of Guatemala, David teamed up with Daniel G. Fritch, Dean Kaelin1, Michael Dowdle2, and David Huntsinger3 to create “David James – A Christmas Tale”. During this project, David found that he wanted to use his voice to inspire and uplift others.

1 http://www.deankaelin.com/

2 http://www.michaeldowdle.com/

3 http://www.huntsingermusic.com/

4 YouTube comment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xZnKUUNaYo

I was full of goose bumps and gladness beyond words. I can't stop my heart or tears after hearing the Christmas album. --J Ellison

David's Christmas music is beautiful, spectacular, wonderful!!! This is so soothing, uplifting, magnificent! --M Anderson

This is absolutely unimaginable! The most AMAZING voice, and I want MORE!! WHY isn't he out there doing a LOT more?! … It brings tears to my eyes (and I'm not a christian, who cares? amazing music is amazing music!) –Shema Fletcher4

David was honored to have “God’s Gift of Love” and “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” featured on the Hope for the Homeless Heroes: A Christmas Album to Benefit Homeless Veterans which helped raise funds for the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

David is blessed to be a husband and father of 3 beautiful girls. David first spends his time with his wife and playing with his kids. When not providing for his family, David continues to look for unique opportunities to inspire others such as his performances as Peter and Thomas in Rob Gardner’s Lamb of God or William Tyndale and Thomas Jefferson in Give me Liberty! The Musical. One of his favorite things to do is to visit with and perform for the elderly. David looks forward to new opportunities to inspire and uplift others with his voice.

Sharon Roach

It all started in a small house in a rural Connecticut town. My late father used to recollect my moment crawling up the steps all by myself to reach his bedroom where he played guitar. I was entranced by the sound coming from his acoustic Gibson guitar. That’s when my passion and love for music began

Since then, I have been obsessed with the many aspects of music and music writing. There have been many years when I participated in vocal groups and school band throughout my school-aged years. 

I also knew ever since a very young age that I wanted my life to be all about music. Until 3 years ago I never felt that I had the confidence I needed to pursue my passion for music. Once I realized that I could possibly make a living doing what I love, writing music, I never wanted to stop. 

To create music is to express one’s self and connect with others. 

More recently I have collaborated online with other songwriters from Czech Republic, UK, as well as the USA and love every minute of it.

For a second year in a row, I have been asked to participate with Hope for Homeless Heroes Hearts, a charity album for Homeless vets. I am so happy to be involved in such a great cause! 

My deepest hope and intention as an aspiring songwriter it to spread wonderful stories through song which reach others. Music is the most universal language and to be able to share that with the world is truly a blessing!

St. Hilaire Brothers

The St Hilaire Brothers (STB) are from the beautiful Twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, they have been opening acts for five-time Grammy Award Winner, Larnelle Harris and four-time Grammy Award nominee, seven-time Dove Award winner Steve Green who both performed at a Charity Concert for Cancer patients called "The Gift" in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

The sweet harmonies are some highlights of STB, as one reviewer from their 1st album Wherever You Go states "This St Hilaire Brothers' (STB) album is not about volume and thunder as the mood is generally relaxed and restorative. A laid back atmosphere and rich, warming harmony greet you in the first cut, Create In Me A Pure Heart, and generally maintains itself throughout."

May your hearts be blessed, and may you give your all to God, so that His name would be praised by the lives we all live!

Trevor Meek

A retired principal university lecturer having taught music and music technology in the UK and throughout South East Asia. Now taking time to concentrate on directing and playing music in jazz bands, community music groups, pub sessions and delivering informal music eduction. Playing keyboards, electric and electro acoustic guitars and ukuleles, jazz trumpet and flugel. Enjoying the time to reflect on life and discover new opportunities and meet new and interesting people. Always on the lookout for new and exciting musical collaborations across the world. Currently working with Malay traditional artists on fusion projects. 

Gary Meek

Retired senior university lecturer and program leader for PGCE Information Technology. Originally clarinet and tenor sax player in a big band and guitarist in UK band Grassroots. With over 45 years’ experience of playing and writing folk, country, rock and stage songs, has latterly been playing in a West Coast covers band Marrakesh, at open mic and as a session guitarist throughout the UK. Americana, Blues and jazz influenced am open to working on projects worldwide.

Melissa Marks

    With a crystal clear angelic voice that draws you into a soulful one on one experience, Canadian Multi Genre Recording Artist Melissa Marks was born with a desire to sing. From the moment she started to form words, singing has always been the joy of her life. She came from a very musical family that expressed a great love for music. Her Dad’s talent was violin and piano, while her Mom is truly a choir songbird. “My Mom and I used to sing duets and harmonize together, which really grew my ear and love for music. We sung quite a bit of special music in church, senior’s citizen’s homes and we also would sing lots of hymns together with my Grandma accompanying in three part harmonies."  Her Sister is also a talented Singer / Songwriter. Melissa and her sister would often sing and harmonize together. “One time we got a standing ovation in church for an original song my sister wrote and played guitar for.” Melissa still has fond memories of the family singing around the piano with her dad on the keys.

    Melissa Marks voice brings sounds of passion, soul, encouragement and the message of hope to the listeners heart.’s One of her music highlights was performing regularly at a luxurious revolving dining room called La Ronde overlooking the city of Edmonton, Alberta Canada at the top of the Chateau Lacombe Hotel. She sung a variety of songs from Jazz to Pop ballads, some Disney, Inspirational, Country, RnB and even a bit of musical theatre. She has an impressive wide vocal range that is indistinguishable from the likes of Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. Her voice brings sounds of passion, soul, encouragement and the message of hope to the listeners heart. 

    She has been very blessed to work with composers, producers, lyricists and fellow musicians all across the globe. She's had many exciting music releases worldwide and has also submitted songs to TV/Film listing opportunities. Melissa started to branch into music professionally back in 2015 by recording covers and originals from the comfort of her own small studio. So far she has released her debut album called “Love Euphoria” an inspirational EP called “Essence of Hope”, a Dance / Ambient EP called  “My Refuge” and nine singles in a variety of genres including Christmas songs, a Celine Dion cover rendition, EDM, featured singer on a Christian Rap/Hip Hop single and many more singles to come that will be released worldwide in the upcoming months. Her music has been played continuously on various radio stations with hundreds of requests to hear more of her songs. It is available on all major music platforms (itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Googleplay etc..)  Also she has a Facebook music page: Melissa Marks Music. 

    She gives all the credit to God for opening the doors and making this all possible. “He has blessed me with the gift of music” so I want to share it with others to the fullest to touch the lives and hearts of people all over the world

Gus Romano


Gus Romano eclectic taste and music style comes from his memory as a young child, when on a Sunday afternoon, was allowed to use the record player. He listened to all types of music, ranging from classical, country, rock and whatever fresh pop tunes were making the hit parade at the time.

He has a backround in musical theatre and in his late teens, formed a trio, who put on cabaret styled shows, in supper clubs and other small intimate venues performing the jazz standards, contemporary music and original material.

Gus went on to study at the National College of  Dance and Drama which gave him the grounding in the performing arts. 

After almost losing his eyesight, he had to give up the theatre performances (as he would put it, "due to the fear of falling off stage and landing in the orchestra pit") he began writing more serious songs and composing instrumental laid back music to help cope with the sudden ordeal.   

Today he continues to compose jingles, soundtracks and various styles of music, and also teaches music and singing to underprivileged children, the youngest being three years old.

 In his spare time, Gus enjoys to tell stories with his songwriting, and hopes to complete an album within the coming year and sell it online, "which seems to be the trend nowadays" he remarks with a smile.

MITUL Md Naimul Hoque


Mitul, a Bangladeshi-American, was born in Bangladesh. While he grew up in and received his Bachelor’s degree from Bangladesh, he earned an MBA from India. After completion of his Master’s in India, he returned to Bangladesh and pursued his professional career there for few years. Later he moved to USA. In USA, after obtaining higher education, he is now pursuing his career as a marketing professional.

Mitul has a natural born music and literature talent that was reflected in his early childhood. While he is a multi-faceted talent, his talent is concentrated on especially singing and song-writing. He has published a number of songs in which he did vocal and wrote lyrics.

Mitul entered the music industries in Bangladesh as an amateur in late 80s. But soon his talent put him in the row of the professionals in early 90s. He was the vocal and song-writer of a band named “Prisoners” in Bangladesh. Later he established his solo career. He is also the lead vocalist at a New York based band named Q4.

Vicky Morrison Goble


Vicki Morrison Goble believes it’s never too late to try something new. She dabbled in the arts throughout her life but didn’t get serious until recently. In college, as an experiment, she wrote her first song, “Sing About Our Lord”. A few years later, inspired by her emotions, she memorialized a friend who died in a car accident with her second song, “Jennifer, Where Did You Go?”


Since 2010, she has been writing regularly and has released three albums. Two of them, Tapestry of Life, released in 2012, and Just in Time for Christmas, released in 2014, were recorded with her erstwhile quartet “Half Past Twelve”. Her first solo album, Better Late Than Never, contained all original music and was released in 2018.


Vicki’s music hits a chord with her listeners—her Christmas song “Holiest of Stories” was described as ethereal. “One More Time”, the title song from her upcoming album, was reported to be her “best song ever”. “Sky Lanterns” a song she wrote for a Relay For Life ceremony was regarded as “radio ready right now”.


Her second solo album, One More Time, scheduled for release later this year, is eagerly anticipated by her fans. So, come hear the music people are calling inspiring, uplifting, and heartfelt. Songs and albums are available at all major distributors, including BandCamp (https://vmgoble.bandcamp.com/) and Deezer (https://www.deezer.com/en/album/77622062)

Spencer Gonzales

Spencer Gonzalez was brought up in a musical family that lived, breathed, slept, and ate music morning noon and night. Under the mentoring of his Father the Late Great Ralph Gonzalez, an accomplished sax player, who had worked with so many well-known artists in the music industry, he was able to shape himself into a Musical Power House. By the age of seven he had learned to play guitar on a toy that was a Christmas present that he treasured and rehearsed on for hours daily growing up. His Father had taught him music theory and site reading and the guitar was completely self-taught. By the Age of 13 he was playing in Rock bands and after graduating high school he had started playing in groups of every different style of music. By the early 2000s Spencer had started doing session work off and on and had toured with many different bands, continuously striving for excellence to push further into the industry. In his many years of touring and session work Spencer had earned a reputation for being able to learn other artists material quickly giving him the nick name speedy Gonzalez and is considered as one of the best by many others. His discography includes (Stonegate Road debut album) 2014 Country and (Hope For Homeless Heroes Hearts a compilation Christmas Album) released World Wide 2018 Rock. In 2018 Spencer was signed on to Winchester Records for a one song deal for a compilation Christmas Album and released a holiday single which received critical acclaim. He was featured in Buzz Music Blog a week after its release as one of the new up and coming performing Icons in the Music Industry of 2019, praised for his highly regarded guitar skills and song writing with his track Christmas Everywhere which he wrote and produced. In January of 2019 Spencer and longtime drummer and friend Roger Rojas started the Record Label S&R Records have just released his debut album on the label February 23 of 2019.

Chad Gentry




Power couple and artist duo Chad and Karen Gentry officially met each other for the first time at a singles ministry event in July 2013 at their home church, Oasis Church in Nashville, TN. Ever since that time, the two have been inseparable as they have molded their sound to include influences from each other's musical taste and background.

What makes husband and wife duo Chad and Karen Gentry unique is their ability to incorporate components of leading worship, performing original songs, preaching, and comedy into their various ministry related appearances at venues of different races, denominations, and cultures.


The couple's debut EP entitled Worship Medleys was released in January 2019 and is the first of a three-part medley series set for release in 2019.

Simon Wright


Coming out of the sock drawer to become the Lyric Slinger

While at university, Simon Wright told a friend that his dream was to write a lyric that would appear on a Skid Row album. However, there didn’t appear to be an obvious path to achieve such a goal so, for many years, Simon’s lyrics ended up filed away or stuffed into sock drawers and cupboards.

Simon’s writing career took a different path as he wrote comedy sketches and staged comedy shows in Scotland. Then one day, he discovered a music collaboration website, Kompoz.com, that allows lyric writers and musicians to come together to create songs. Suddenly his lyrics could come out of the sock drawer and magically be transformed into songs.

Since 2016, Simon has worked with musicians from across the world to create songs that range from folk, to soft rock, hard rock, and metal. Along the way, he has collaborated with a singer whose band opened for Dio in the 1980s and a guitarist who has the distinction of having taken to the stage after a young Jimi Hendrix!

In 2018, Simon took his lyric writing to a new level, by launching a website called LyricSlinger.co.uk to promote his lyrics and the songs that have been created from them. And while this former comedy writer can be said to have got serious about lyric writing, a comedic seam still lies beneath the surface. Simon’s website proclaims that ‘By day Simon works as a customer messaging guru for a large UK bank but at night he transforms into the LyricSlinger. Words flash from his pen and fingers, like lightning bolts, emblazoning themselves onto paper or screen. Or something like that …’


Simon can work using either a lyrics-first or music-first writing approach, and is always happy to collaborate with new artists to continue his lyrical and musical education. Born in Ireland, Simon went to the same school as Oscar Wilde (different years!) and this focus on continued learning fits with Wilde’s quote that ‘Everybody who is incapable of learning has taken to teaching’!

Stephen Kalpin


Stephen Kalpin (aka Seth Koos) has been drawn to music as long as he can remember. Keenly interested in creating original sounds, he played on his grandparents’ organ at a very early age, fascinated by the effects of combining notes and how it made him feel.

He was only 4 or 5 when he started experimenting on a guitar, looking for combinations that evoked certain feelings. He had no formal lessons or theory training until age 11. Soon he was playing in bands and, at age 19, he replaced the bass player, who had suffered a finger injury, in a band called “KAOS”. Frustrated by the band’s unwillingness to try original music, he wrote on his own, booked studio time, and recorded alone.

Stephen’s original recorded music drew the interest of a small label so he started writing more new songs. He continued to play with the band and to record on his own until age 29, when a virus caused him a nearly total hearing loss and forced him to quit music completely. When his hearing began to return, he gradually started playing again with friends.

After a relocation moved him hundreds of miles away from his musical friends, and unsatisfied with playing acoustic guitar alone, he began recording again. After years of comments like “This is too good to keep to yourself”, “Music is meant to be shared”, “You should be on a stage somewhere”, and “That should be published”, and of changes in technology making it easier to record at a much higher quality, he began writing to publish. His first single “Banishing the Beast” was released in 2016 under the name “Seth Koos”. He has since been working on an EP that will be titled “Days of Vinyl” You can find a few of these tracks on SoundCloud at the link below. So come, feel the music.

Listen to Been Too Long by WinRec on #SoundCloud


Neville Ganes

Neville Ganes started playing the guitar at the age of 13. He played guitar in the church band for a few years before en rolling at the School of Arts to study Classical guitar. Neville managed to complete the first six months and sadly had leave due to financial difficulties at that time. 

He continued to teach himself classical guitar through books. He joined the South African Police Services in 2002 and never gave up on the guitar.  Through the years his love for Classical guitar and Jazz excelled, and he started to play solo guitar at different venues,  Classical and Chorded Melodies. 

His dream is to record a Solo Guitar album playing the popular Jazz Standards.

Kitt Wakely


Kitt's resume covers a wide span of music including rock, pop, piano, electronica and orchestral projects. Whether writing for himself, other artists, film, television, or trailers, he has developed the reputation for being able to capture an emotional melody for any setting. His latest album, Midnight in Macedonia is an example of his ability to gel all these genres into a cohesive enjoyable experience. If you love the lush and soaring strings of big film scores or the cinematic "larger-than-life" sound of epic movies, then this album will satisfy all your emotions. Drama, romance, motivational, inspiring, dark, uplifting and more.

Artists from Europe and the U.S. have trusted Kitt to bring their songs to life, whether it's creating a melodic line, mood changing beat or whole new genre. As a producer, he enjoys the "before and after" of each song and the enthusiastic appreciation from the artists. As a composer, he enjoys the ability to express his passion. As a performer, he enjoys the mutual love of music.

As a songwriter and composer, Kitt's styles vary based on the project he feels most passionate about that day. "Everyday is different. Sometimes, I'm in the mood to write an energetic rock or electronica tune, while other days it's an orchestral piece or a simple piano line. Then there are the times that I smash it all into one tune. There's no rule that says I can't have an orchestra with electronica, guitar and rock drums. "

Patrina Hendricks


She's not your typical singer-songwriter. As a matter of fact, she's not a singer at all and playfully dubs herself the "Non-Singer Songwriter". Since childhood, songwriter Patrina Hendricks has had a love for music and all things creative.  She's always had a way with words and has always been intrigued by the ones she didn't understand. 

They say hindsight is 20/20 and as she reflects back she recalls listening to artists such as Mariah Carey on the radio and recognizing, at a very young age, that Mariah Carey must certainly write her own songs because the words in her lyrics were far from cookie-cutter and that was fascinating. 

Once in high school, after she had fallen in "puppy love" a time or two, she would pen poems of undying devotion to the object of her affection. Eventually though, the love for her own poetry outlasted the love for the particular subject. She enjoyed the word-play and when shared with others, was encouraged to go further. She submitted one of her poems to a poet society and won the Editors Choice Award as a senior in high school. 

Fast forward to about a decade later and once again it was love that helped her realize that she may indeed have a gift from God. She loved the places that an amazing melody could take you and the feeling that one derived from a song crafted with love and lyrical excellence. She penned her first full-length song and realized she might really be onto something. That song led to a deluge of other songs flooding her mind centered around the concepts of love and the God of love. To date she has penned well over 50 songs, with a couple of the most recent ones in production to be featured on an upcoming artist's album. She has also co-written with other artists such as Melissa Marks and producers Vince Fleming and Isaac Moore to name a few. She is ecstatic about the journey she's on to bring more beautiful music to both the hurting and the hopeful.

For further inquiries, Patrina can be reached via email at: patrinasongwriter@gmail.com

Vincent Fleming


Vincent was born in Belfast , N. Ireland  and started to play the violin age 7. He went on to study music at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama specializing and winning every major prize in chamber music before going on to play violin with many orchestras throughout the British Isles. 

He then moved to London to play in various West End shows including Les Miserables,  Phantom of the Opera and Miss Saigon. 

At this time he was also playing with various bands and artists and turned to string arranging and writing.  This has led on to more song writing collaborations and  film music projects. 

He is currently living in Newcastle in the North East of England working on a new String Quartet and a Eurovision Song Contest entry! He still plays the violin professionally and teaches it at Durham University and for Tees Valley Music Hub.

John Lipinski




I have been performing all kinds of music since I was thirteen years old. Growing up in upstate New York during the 50's and 60's, I was able to experience what I consider to be the golden age of modem music. So many styles began in that era, rock-n-roll, country, Motown, soul, gospel, etc. But, it was the Beatles that began it all for me. Their music inspired me to learn how to play the guitar. And, it grew and grew from there. I added more instruments to my repertoire and began playing with friends, neighbors, in church, wherever and whenever I could.


​1976 was the year I moved to Florida. It was then I decided to embark upon the ultimate musician's adventure and join a band. For 12 years I played in several bands, traveled all over our country, opened up for some big names, began some serious songwriting, and launched a first album, "Shame On You," during the mid-eighties. The goal was to have Five Card Stud be the most well-known band in the southeast. I can say with absolute confidence that it was. We worked steadily, in great demand throughout Florida especially, opening for musical greats such as Tanya Tucker, the Bellamy Brothers, Mel Tillis, John Connolly, and more. It was an exciting time for us, but, like so many others, we never got the big break our fans strongly felt we deserved. Had it not been for them and support from my family and friends, those 12 years may not have been so fantastic and memorable. Praise God that many of them still believe in me today!


​Perhaps my "big" musical break did not happen, but the best was yet to come for me. I wanted a family of my own. So, in 1988, I retired from the full time adventures of the "band business" to settle down and raise my children. It was the best decision of my life.


My children, Gabriel, Dallas, and Morgan, are all grown up now. At this time of my life my passion for music has been revitalized and re-ignited for the Lord. My need and spirit for writing has developed seriously and I am ready to take that as far as the Lord will allow. That journey has, thus far, been short, but very prolific! Prior to 1988 I had only written about 35 songs. Since 2011, I have written approximately 140 additional songs, and the words and music keep coming, in many different genres. You will hear Rock 'n' Roll, Blues, Praise, Soul, Country, and more.


While I still find pleasure in performing, my most fervent desire now is to write! I want musicians and artists to use my songs as a tool to reach their audiences. I want my words and music to be messages of comfort and strength for those in need. When people express how emotionally affected they are after listening to one of my compositions, I know I have touched someone. That's what I want. That's what I'm after. That's what I'm about. If my Lord uses my songs to reach people and change lives then I am doing the job He's given me.


​I'd like say a special thank you to friends whose talents you will hear in the background of some of my songs. I appreciate all of their time and efforts in helping me reach for my dream. A special shout out goes to a dear friend and musician, Roy Powers, whom I played with in Five Card Stud many years ago. We now perform together in a classic country duo known as the Crawdads and my Christian band, Sound Investment. He is a songwriter of note himself and also performs with his blues band, Last Exit Blues. It is his awesome keyboard talent you'll hear on my recordings. Friend, Beth Courtney, has also been a great help to me, singing and editing my lyrics as necessary. Though no longer with us here on earth, "H" McGraw keeps the beat with his styling sticks on many of my songs. Todd Forshino has also lent me his velvety vocals for the band. Finally, Clint Braswell gets a very special thank you. Not only does he give his string and vocal talents to my songs and Sound Investment, he takes the time to professionally record, edit, format and coordinate any type of studio procedure such as mastering of the song tracks. Again, thank you to the many special friends, family, and folks who have given their time, guidance, feedback, and support! There are just too many of you to list! But you know who you are!


A special love and thanks to my sisters and brother who are always big fans and to my children who always pushed and supported me to do what I love.


First and foremost, I give all of my praise, talents and energy to the glory of my Lord.


Thanks again for your support,


John Lipinski

Dean Kaelin

About Dean

Dean Kaelin is the founder of IVTOM (the International Voice Teachers of Mix), a Certified Master Teacher and is currently the Education Director for Ivtom and is the voice coach for the Disney TV show “High School Musical”. He has trained teachers and singers all over the world. He has been teaching voice for more than 36 years. His students have been Star Search Winners, American Idol finalists, and have performed on Broadway, signed major record deals and performed at every major Theme Park in the U.S. He has conducted vocal seminars in Austria, Poland, Germany, Australia, Slovenia, Italy, England, Ireland, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Texas, Atlanta, New York and San Francisco. He has a degree in Jazz Composition from the University of Utah and a Masters Degree from Brigham Young University. He was an Associate Professor of Music at Westminster College in Salt Lake City for 7 years. He has been married to his wife, Susan, for 35 years and together they have 5 wonderful children who all sing several octaves with no breaks! His oldest, Sarah, performed on Broadway at the age of 19. Anna currently is performing on cruise ships and in NYC and Ali has followed in her dad’s footsteps and has trained as a voice teacher as well.

Kelly Vaughn


Kelly Vaughn is a singer/ songwriter from Dallas, TX. With a new album and line-up he is positioned to take 2020 by storm!

Kelly has been compared to Christian artists such as Chris Tomlin, Josh Wilson and Brandon Heath.

Kelly’s song “1000 Times Before” is gaining airplay on Christian radio and appearing on over 150 stations worldwide.

Contemporary artists that draw comparisons are Rob Thomas, John Mayer and Third Eye Blind.

His guitar playing has been described as a cross between Santana and Stevie Ray Vaughan. 

Kelly has made several appearances on Dallas area television shows such as Good Morning Texas and the Cynthia Austin Show.







Francesco Emanuele

It all began at the age of 7 when he received a guitar from his

father as a gift and since then he never separated from those 6

strings to the point of completing his studies ed

get a classical guitar degree.

At the same time jazz and composition accompanied musical

development playng in a lot of different jazz bands and writing a lot

of composition and arrangments.

Over the years he has been part of pop, rock and folk groups with

which he was engaged in several European tours.

Currently teacher of classical guitar at the Italian public school and

also a freelance composer and producer.

Gary Meek

Retired senior university lecturer and program leader for PGCE Information Technology. Originally clarinet and tenor sax player in a big band and guitarist in UK band Grassroots. With over 45 years’ experience of playing and writing folk, country, rock and stage songs, has latterly been playing in a West Coast covers band Marrakesh, at open mic and as a session guitarist throughout the UK. Americana, Blues and jazz influenced am open to working on projects worldwide.